To die on Sunday

Thousands of businesses are affected by the partial and total closures that have been applied since the end of December and until further notice.

Local economy. Morelia. – If it weren’t tragic, the image of dozens of distracted people who keep trying to buy in closed stores on Sunday would be comical.

Distracted by the screens of their cell phones, there are still hundreds who go to corner stores, convenience stores, the supermarkets or the hardware stores and when they try to push the doors they realize that there is no one inside, all businesses are dead in Sunday.

On the Morelia-Pátzcuaro highway, a group of truck drivers insistently peek into the convenience store of a gas station asking for service, inside the employees ask them to leave while they take advantage of the day to clean the store.

A line of motorcyclists working in internet delivery services waits outside a hamburger restaurant near Arriaga Rivera Boulevard that continues to operate behind closed doors and has opened a small entrance through the back.

At a local selling carnitas on Avenida Virrey de Mendoza, customers still arrive at 11 in the morning to find that they won’t open until the next day.

“It does not seem fair to me, some hotels in the city main square did open their restaurant because they are supposedly serving their guests, but who can assure that they are, in the meantime we cannot open, they do not treat us equally,” he said. a tenant who had to close his business near San Francisco.

On Saturday night, a woman carrying tape, a piece of paper and a black marker modifies the customer service hours of her hardware store located on Vicente Santamaría street, after where it says “Sunday” covers the schedule “From 9: 00 to 4:00 ” with the word“ closed ”.

Some stores continue to sell after the closing time imposed by the Morelia City Council, through WhatsApp and Telegram messages –This last app has been popularized during the last week because of WhatsApp privacy policies- people can order everything, but mainly, they buy beer.

In the streets of the Vasco de Quiroga neighborhood, music is blaring, a party is held in the middle of Sunday, suddenly a patrol appears. The music stops. In the middle of the silence, the officers do not know where to go, they take a couple of laps and give up. The music returns.

Almost in front of the Morelia cathedral, a store that sells natural products to lose weight and take care of the body was still open after hours, but the owners said that their products count as medicines and that is why they should remain open. The Morelia City Council inspectors are not convinced by the argument.

It took a week for the merchants of the busy “Benito Juárez” street market, better known as “El Auditorio”, to attend to the restriction measures. The first Sunday they were forgiven the fine and the second they agreed not to open. Anyway they open on Saturday and nobody tells them anything.

A clothing store in the Colinas del Sur neighborhood was still open because it also sold face masks and antibacterial gel. The cops ask them to close and sell over the phone. Now in the steel curtain they have a telephone number and it only opens to deliver… clothes.

A place that does not rest is the INFRA company, where the oxygen tanks do not stop selling, the lines reach two blocks and hundreds of people seek to stock up. For them Sunday did not die, it is no longer a day of rest.


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