Who we are

We are journalists who have morals, who are convinced that journalism without investigation does not exist, for this reason we are willing to put aside immediacy to seek an explanation of the problems that affect Michoacan society; both within the borders of the state and outside of them, so that the public of 2020news can get a clear idea of ​​what is happening in our entity without political messages, moralism or Manichaeism.

We want to offer “The Complete Enchilada”, a journalism that can be read in English and Spanish; in which not only readers, but analysts, journalists and public actors can trust to make decisions and have the assurance that all possible angles have been explored before publication.

We seek to carry out a journalism committed to its public and that accepts an active audience that can freely question our work and contribute their own points of view about the issues being addressed and the way they are addressed

In this way, we seek to open dialogue between the media and the general public to try to reduce the political and opinion polarization that currently exists in society.

Code of ethics

  • All collaborators in this effort are subject to an internal code of ethics in which the most important values ​​are independence, truthfulness, social commitment, journalistic rigor, honesty, objectivity and transparency.
  • The journalistic publications cannot respond to any political, partisan, religious, social interest or of any kind that affects any of the values ​​that we put up or tries to cloud the journalistic vision that we maintain.
  • We do not allow gifts, perks, incentives or any support that could compromise the journalistic rigor of the publications; Therefore, none of our collaborators can engage in this type of practices.
  • Government advertising within the portal is prohibited.
  • The information between the affected parties will always be contrasted, in case any of them does not want to express their version of the facts, this must be explained within the publication.
  • Publications that discriminate for any reason or circumstance or that seek to denigrate or connote in any way a social group or a specific individual will not be allowed.
  • All works will be subject to a data verification process prior to publication, so collaborators are obliged to use reliable sources that can be consulted as many times as necessary to guarantee the veracity of the facts and data provided in the publications.
  • Publications with anonymous testimonies are allowed in the event that the work, physical integrity or life of the sources or their loved ones is put at risk.
  • However, the information will always be verified and authenticated before it is published; Therefore, collaborators are obliged to present it to the 2020 writing office.
  • All sources must be cited in the text clearly and explicitly in the works; The collaborators of this site are prohibited from plagiarizing quotes, interviews, data and any type of information without providing where it came from and giving the corresponding credits; always mentioning the individual who originally contributed their work to complement the information.
  • There will be a special section for opinions by invited collaborators who wish to use our platform to issue a message that will be their own responsibility and will have to be supported by facts or data without falling into discriminatory behavior.
  • Paid advertisements are just that: paid advertisements and should always be treated as such; so that they are easily identifiable by the audience and are never confused with the journalistic information published on the site.
  • Journalistic exercises that use tools of narrative journalism and the literary non-fiction genre are allowed as long as they are supported with data and facts and real and verifiable characters who pass the same confidence controls to which other journalistic works are subjected posted on the site.

• We will seek to exercise the so-called “solutions journalism”, which implies investigating possible solutions to conflicts and problems without this meaning that they are the only alternatives or that 2020 news unconditionally supports them